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   기종으로 원단 오염이 없음
   (우측 부위에도 들어가지 않음, 베어링 방식)
- 고성능 DC SERVO MOTOR가 헤드하부에 내장되어    모터 조립할 필요가 없고 편리하며 무게가 가볍다.
   (검출기 내장형 DIRECT 구동방식으로 퍼커링 방지,    전력소모절감, 소음없음)
- 원단의 두깨에 따라 부품 교환없이 바늘대 행정을    32-36MM까지 조정가능
- 국산 침판,노루발,톱니를 그대로 사용할 수 있으며



   BAKRON 무급유 가마 사용가능

   1053 본봉 최대속도 : 4,000 S.P.M.
   1051 침송 최대땀의 길이 : 5.2 MM
   1057 상하송 작업원단 두께 : 13MM





  상기 1050 시리즈와 동일하나 최대 5,500SPM까지
  고속을 낼 수 있으며 가마와 바늘대 부위에 깨끗한
  오일만이 공급되고는 공중으로 증발하는 방식

   1183 본봉 최대속도 : 5,500 SPM
   1181 침송 최대땀의 길이 : 5.2MM




   1187 상하송 작업원단 두께 : 1.3MM
   추가사항 : 900 자동사절
   909 와이퍼
   910 자동노루발올림
   911 자동백택



The new high-speed seamer is lubrica-tion-free. Oilstains on the fabric are a
matter of the past.

The newly designed sewing hook of the Pfaff 1053 has a hook base made of wear-resistant
synthetic material and reduces the needle-thread tension. Even at the maximum sewing
speed of 4,000 s.p.m it guarantees smooth seams, also on difficult materials.





The PFAFF 1183 is equipped with optimised sewing-hook and needle-bar lubrication.
It sews at 5,500 s.p.m. with the greatest of ease and produeces superb seam quality.




    The new high-speed seamers are compact units. Not only the thead trimmer, thead wiper,
    automatic presser foot lift and backtacking mechanism are integrated in the sewing head of
    thread trmmer machines, but the servo motor as well. The machine is delivered ready to sew.




    The built-in servo motor transmits the driving power direct tothe machind. The motor fan is
    very efficient. Motor and ambient temperatures are kept low, which is decisive for longer sevice
    life and lower wear.
    Acontrol panel, available as an extra, allows simple programming of seams.




    The new high-speed seamers stand out for their pleasant running characteristics. They are
    extremely quiet and smooth in operation. The slim design in the stitching area allows
    unhindered view of the work. The sets new standards in ergonomic handling and noise redution.




    The needle-bar stroke is adjustable to 32 or 63 MM. This allows use of the machine for extremely
    light to extre mely heavy materials.

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