Single or two-needle seams on ligth to medium fabrics
  e.g. shirts, blouses, jeans and leisurewear etc.

   - Perfect corner stitching due to left or right disengageable needles.
   - Single needle operation at ful speed.
   - Needles can be engaged and disengaged even at maximum speed.
   - Precise posiitoning of the starting stitches with the "stitch placement" key.
   - No knotting of loose threads.
   - Starting threads are not pulled out of the needle.

  Post-bed and flat-bed high-speed seamers for shoe manufacture

     - All machines have wheel feed and driven
      roller persser (with exception of cl.
      441- 705/03, roller presser is not driven)
   - Thins results in :
      ~ Trouble-free overstitching of intersections
         at constant stitch length
      ~ Consistent, vibration-free sewing and
         smooth material-feed.
      ~ Excellent vision of the stitching area.
      ~ Simple guiding during work on material
         edges and in ornamental stitching
   - Precise, graduated stitch-length adjustment.
   - Uncomplicated equipment which guarantees       perfect operation.
   - Optimum sewing results, even when using
      highly elastic threads, due to the new,
      anjustable take-up lever.
   - Long service life due to first-class
      manufacturing percision and excellent
      quality of all moving parts.
   - Minimum maintenance required, due to
      anti-friction bearings with constant
   - Simplified stock control due to
      standradization of parts throughout
      the entrire series.

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